Authors: Yi-Chin Lin, Rema Padman, Kai Zheng, Francis Solano, Jody Cervenak and Ari Naim.

Conference: 29th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS); Pre-ICIS Workshop on RFID & Health

Location: Paris, France

Date: Dec 13, 2008


Worldwide, most of the healthcare is provided in the ambulatory care setting. The high variability in service delivery encountered in this environment can negatively impact efficiency, quality of care, productivity, and patient satisfaction and safety. In this study, we analyze process visibility for enhancing and standardizing care delivery processes in an outpatient surgery clinic associated with a major medical center. Time and location stamped data is collected using RTLS-based Gen2IR/RFID-enabled badges worn by patients, clinicians, and staff as they complete each clinic visit. This data is mapped to facility and personnel resources and specific tasks associated with each visit to track patient flow. We use process visualization and pattern analysis to provide insights into best practice care patterns and care coordination issues. Our preliminary results highlight the value of RTLS solutions and the challenges in deploying them to understand variability in patient care and opportunities to re-engineer services to improve service delivery in the ambulatory care environment.

Keywords: RTLS, RFID technology, process visibility, pattern analysis

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